"Anna has been a tireless fighter and advocate for her community of Brampton’s Wards 1, 3 & 4.  Had it not been for Anna’s continuous work and never-say-die spirit, the Cardinal Leger Sports Field may never have been built. Trustee da Silva will no doubt demonstrate the same relentless efforts in acquiring a new sport field for St. Augustine. The Brampton’s Catholic Community is indeed fortunate to be represented by Anna da Silva."

Esther O'Toole, Trustee Mississauga Wards 9 & 10,  Past Vice Chair 

Cardinal Leger W.G. Davis Field 

Very honoured to be the Trustee that was able to bing a Sports Field to Cardinal Leger. Cardinal Leger was the only school in the board without a field. After 43 years in operation, with a great deal of determination, the support of the people who for voted for me , and much prayer, I was able achieve this. I owe a great deal of thanks to Tony Da Silva, Trustee Wards 1,3 & 4,  2006-2010, who started the whole project and got it off the ground. I also want to thank all thoes who understood the injustice to the community and sided with me. A very special thanks to all the trustee's who voted in favours of putting 1.0 Million dollars of the surplus fund towards the field.  

Anna da Silva is a relentless fighter for her community. The rules of the game for capital project funding had changed when she and I had taken our Trustee posts, with the Ministry demanding Boards rank all their project priorities. The Leger field that Tony da Silva had advocated for was now going to die. Anna would not accept that. She pushed and pleaded for her Leger community to our Board and Senior Staff on the grounds of planned promises and student inequity - and she was right. The field project would cost roughly $1M and the only possible way to fund it was through the Board's accumulated surplus. Trustee da Silva was relentless in that pursuit until our Board finally agreed to the funding. Unfortunately, another Trustee stole a bit of her thunder by putting forward the most obvious name for the new field after Anna had done all the hard work. So I think it should be the William G. Davis Field * (the * would be for Anna who truly made the Leger field a reality)

 Scott McLauchlan, 2010-2014 Catholic Trustee - Brampton Wards 7-10

As a colleague of Anna da Silva for the past 8 years, I have personally witnessed her courage and grit in fighting for her community in Brampton. These traits were never more apparent than when she fought for the Cardinal Leger sports field. While the field was eventually named the W.G. Davis Field in recognition of Bill Davis’ past efforts on behalf of Catholic Education, if it were not for Anna’s tireless efforts, Cardinal Leger would continue to be the only school in our Board without a sports field.   Anna da Silva has earned a third term as the Catholic trustee for Brampton’s Wards 1, 2, and 3.

Sharon Hobin, Catholic Trustee - Mississauga, 2 & 8 , Past Vice Chair 

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