My commitment to you:

  • Be a strong voice for parents and students and advocate on their behalf 
  • Promote the development of family friendly and inclusive culture across the board
  • Protect your right to a Catholic education by advocating for support with politicians and keeping parents up to date on challenges to religious freedoms and education
  • Strengthen Catholicity in our schools, through faith formation programs, curriculum development, and by opposing laws that might impact or reduce our rights to practice our faith
  • Push for Academic Excellence and increase resources to help schools improve math and literacy scores where applicable
  • Invest money in the renovation of the older schools in our wards, improve their athletic fields, playgrounds and facilities
  • Expand Learning Technology - now that we have implemented board-wide wireless technology, we need to invest in learning tools, broadcasting technology, and develop Digital Literacy for students, faculty and parents
  • Continue to direct funding and advocate for additional funding for students with Special Needs and STEM programs
  • Increase the number of High Skills Majors and Dual credit programs – programs that help students succeed and give them the experience  to develop employable skills

I am passionate about Catholic Education and committed to being a Strong Voice for our Religious Rights and for Your Voice at the Board Table.

I have gone the extra mile to help parents get what they need for their children, to ensure that we have a culture that is inclusive and supports families, to improve underperforming schools, and to invest in aging infrastructure.

I have also used my position to improve the board's relationships with the City of Brampton and to influence both provincial and federal politicians to protect the right to a Catholic Education. I identify and advocate for changes to laws which might diminish our ability to keep our Schools Catholic. I strongly protested the  Federal Summer Job Grants program and am an advocate for the sanctity of life. 

A strong Voice for Catholic Education